Protect your asset and your health.

There is a national public health concern around the increase in manufacturing and consumption of illicit substances. A property where the manufacturing of such substances has occurred can store residue chemicals, long after the activity was undertaken. Due to the negative health effects on future owners or tenants, illicit substance screening is one of our fastest-growing services.

To help overcome this growing problem, we have entered into a special partnership with SwabFirst. South Australian-based,  SwabFirst are the developers of a market-leading illicit drug testing system.

The screening process

Partnering with SwabFirst, Acumentis delivers a fast and reliable illicit substance screening.

Screening fee 

Testing is available from $375 + GST* for a multiple zone test on an individual property.
Call us on 1300 882 401 or request a quote online.

* T&C’s Apply. Based on metropolitan properties.

Acumentis have a team of authorised and trained sample collectors across Australia. During a routine property valuation, illicit substance swabs are taken. The samples are sent to the SwabFirst laboratory and a report is provided within 48 hours to confirm if any harmful drug residue is present. From here, our clients are then able to make a more informed decisions about the property. 

The Acumentis service focuses on the swab collection only and we remain independent from any remediation service providers, we do not benefit from a positive test result.

Uses for illicit substance screening

The illicit substance testing service benefits all types of property-related companies and individuals, including:

  • Real estate agents, investors, relocation agents and large companies wanting to ensure duty of care for employees and tenants.
  • Prospective home buyers or renters, to provide confidence the property is safe for occupancy.
  • Liquidators and administrators wanting to confirm property health and any potential remediation required.

While you may not have considered this service before, because of the potential health risks, it is important you do now. If you are looking to buy, rent or sell a property – either residential, commercial, or agricultural – ensure you aren’t investing in a contaminated property with our illicit substance screening program. 

What clients say:

“As an Environmental Practitioner of many years, I found the Swab First experience very efficient and professional.  The trained sampler was polite, on-time and very thorough in his approach, where the subsequent prompt reporting provided a clear answer to our concerns.

The unique and low-intrusive sampling and testing at our newly purchased home covered a significant range of potential illicit drug residues that we were concerned about and provided us with confidence in re-occupying the suspect rooms with our family members, subject to some limited cleaning requirements. I highly recommend this service.”