Experienced Buyers Agents

Acumentis Advisory is a unique property buyer’s agency which forms part of our leading national property valuation and advisory service.

Our specialist team of Property Buyers Agents are market leaders. Each bringing an insider’s understanding of the intricacies of how the market works. When you work with an Acumentis agent, you get access to the most current property market research. 

On top of this, you partner with an experienced local agent who specialises in ‘investment grade’ residential and commercial property acquisition.

Why work with a Buyers Agent?

Your agent works for you to save you time, money and stress by minimising risk through careful property selection. They are your buyers advocate and will assist in evaluating and negotiating terms for an ideal property.

Our team is trained as both commercial buyer’s agents and residential buyer’s agents. This means our team can personally tailor your service and give you absolute certainty throughout the buying process.

At Acumentis, we offer unmatched expertise in the property buying field, with services including:

  • Property find and acquire
  • Property plan and property check
  • Property acquisition
  • Negotiation
  • Portfolio review   
  • General consultations
  • Strategic property advice
  • Tenant representation
  • Tax depreciation for investors

Contact your local Acumentis office to discuss your property buying requirements and discover how Acumentis can make your acquisition a smooth process.