Family Law & Litigation

Family Law expertise

Acumentis is the new face of Taylor Byrne, specialising in the task of undertaking property valuations that are included as evidence within the Family Law Court. We continue to deliver expertise in the provision of family law advice, with high levels of professionalism and sensitivity nationally, providing expert witness testimony in various courts, in accordance with the expert witness code of conduct.

Our services include:

  • Valuations for family law and legal purposes across residential, commercial, rural and agribusiness property types
  • Expert witness, shadow expert and critique consultation advice
  • Litigation
  • Estate planning
  • Stamp duty for transfer purposes
  • Partnership dissolution, pre-settlement disputes
  • Mediation
  • Compulsory acquisition and resumption valuations
  • Portfolio services

Acumentis now offers a bespoke Fixed Price Guide, for a court ready assessment report, please call us on 1300 882 401 to obtain pricing.

Urgent valuations can be accommodated by request.


Why use an Acumentis Valuer?

Single Expert Witness: Acumentis valuers have extensive experience in being the Single Expert Witness and provide independent viewpoints no matter which party engages them. This process no doubt leads to fewer disputes while saving time and costs for all concerned.

Court Experience: Acumentis valuers have extensive experience in standing in the ‘Witness Box’ and enduring a detailed and rigorous cross-examination.  Acumentis valuers exercise every care and caution in undertaking Court work and ensure every criteria is met throughout the course of their task, to avoid any causes for dispute.  Valuers experienced in this specialist field conduct themselves with a calm and fair approach while communicating with all relevant parties to keep everyone fully informed throughout the process.  

Turnaround times: We pride ourselves in delivering our assessment reports with speed and accuracy between 5 to 8 working days.

Single Point of Contact: Efficiency is a priority in all valuations, and we ensure our clients only engage with a single point of contact from Acumentis for all family law related tasks. These efficiencies are based on streamlined and structured internal processes and access to extensive data sources via easy to use platforms.

National Reach: Acumentis has a national footprint with over 40 office locations across Australia with an ability to complete all kinds of property assessments including specialised property types and large portfolios.

Expertise: Acumentis has an extensive team of family law accredited property valuers who are market leaders in litigation and witness services. Acumentis valuers are qualified, certified, trained and have worked extensively across Australia in this space. Each Family Law Valuer must have 5 years of experience, pass the Acumentis Family Court exam and must undertake professional conduct and confidentiality training as an essential requirement.

Delivery of Service: Acumentis valuers undertake an extensive approach in deriving the market value of the property using a variety of valuation methodologies like direct comparison to recent sales evidence, a yield analysis approach where income yields/returns are assessed, hypothetical development approaches where costs and returns of development are considered, a summation approach which considers a depreciated replacement cost of improvements- summated to an underlying land component etc. An exhaustive approach is undertaken to gather information and analyse the data to assist in achieving an accurate, legally binding assessment report of the property’s market value for our clients to make informed decisions with confidence and peace of mind.

Unbiased approach & confidentiality: Acumentis maintains an unbiased approach while dealing with all Family Law Court reporting and proceedings and maintain high levels of objectivity and confidentiality.  Valuers are acutely aware of their obligations as the expert and do not engage in discussions or are influenced by either party about issues pertaining to the property or the value.  Most valuers would highly recommend that all information relating to the property must be made available to all relevant parties at the very beginning of the proceedings to avoid any delays.

Professionalism and Empathy: Acumentis valuers are aware that the very nature of undertaking this type of work requires empathy and understanding towards all parties, as this part of the Court process evokes strong emotions (sometimes hostile) and involves fractured relationships, with clients feeling vulnerable and uncertain.  Acumentis valuers conduct themselves with utmost sensitivity from the time of inspection through to upholding their professional independence to ensure the quality and accuracy of the valuation report.

All Acumentis valuers practice in full accordance with the ‘Code of Ethics’ set by the Australian Property Institute (API) and perform their professional duty in line with the ‘API Valuation and Property Standards’ and ‘API Rules of Conduct’.  Any actual or potential ‘Conflict of Interest’ is identified and disclosed at the outset to all parties.  It is the Valuers professional responsibility to remain completely independent and impartial throughout the process and always conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, fairness and honour.     



Guy Bartle

State Director - Residential NSW
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Geoff Duffield

State Director - Residential QLD
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Jerusha King

Director Valuations - Gold Coast
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Mark Robins

State Director - SA

Nello Noto

State Director - Residential
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Blake Lieschke

State Director - Residential WA
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Geoff Duffield

State Director - Residential QLD
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