Litigation Advisory Services


Litigation Advisory Services

When it comes to property advice, be it for residential or commercial properties, Acumentis remains a market leader in market research and understanding local markets. Our advisors have years of experience in each of their respective market, and know where to look, what to ask, what to buy, and how to negotiate.

How We Can Help:

If you are considering purchasing a property, we will carefully analyse your needs and adopt a specific strategy to locate a property that best suits your requirements. We can help answer important questions and provide cutting edge research so that you can make your decision with certainty.

 We can:

  • Identify whether the property you’re considering will meet investment needs
  • Analyse market research and identify whether the property will deliver strong future income and capital returns

Litigation Advice:

Our most senior and experienced valuers offer litigation and witness services in accordance with the expert witness code of conduct.

They can provide expert advice in both formal legal jurisdictions and in informal tribunals or mediations, including advice in disputes relating to:

    • Compulsory acquisition
    • Family law
    • Rent reviews
    • Partnership dissolution
    • Rating and Taxing Valuations


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