Stamp Duty Assessments

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Property Assessment for Stamp Duty Purposes

Acumentis can assist in assessing the value of assets for stamp duty purposes. Our team of over 300 property professionals across Australia bring local market knowledge, comprehensive market research and property advice to every evaluation.

What is Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a duty or tax charged by the State Government for certain types of transactions. Stamp duty is levied by each state or territory Government, with the laws and charges varying from state to state. Generally, the duty is levied on a sliding scale and is paid by the purchaser of the asset on transfer; and is payable to the state revenue office. Stamp duty can be levied on the sale or transfer of a range of assets including property or business assets.

What is a Stamp Duty Assessment?

The assessment assists the state revenue office in ensuring the reported dutiable value is compliant with current legislation and enables them to generate an assessment of the stamp duty payable.

Why is an Assessment Required?

In many cases stamp duty can be based on readily identifiable dutiable value, such as the contract price for the sale of a residential or commercial property. In other scenarios, stamp duty is payable, where the dutiable value is not as readily identifiable. Transfers can be related to a transfer between family member(s), into a superannuation fund, trust or other entity. Often the trigger can be for reason of gifting, estate settlement, capital gains tax purposes, business related transactions or a range of other reasons (for example, transfer of an easement or lease).

Why Choose Acumentis to Undertake an Assessment?

  • Reputation: Acumentis is Australia’s only independent property valuation and advisory services firm listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, who pride themselves on the quality of their advice each time, every time.
  • Coverage: Acumentis has over 300 qualified valuers and property experts across 40 offices throughout Australia with local knowledge of the relevant state stamp duty laws.
  • Specialised Expertise: Acumentis has a range of valuers with expertise to value residential, commercial and business assets, all of which can be subject to stamp duty provisions.
  • Turnaround times: Acumentis can offer efficient turnarounds to meet client requirements.

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