Our approach
to valuation

Diligent application of risk management is a practice embraced by the entire Acumentis team as part of our Corporate Governance.

Ongoing investment in the continual improvement of our risk management and compliance systems ensures you get the highest-quality reports in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is another reason why you can rely on our services to make informed decisions with certainty.

You can contact any of our Risk and Compliance experts below to learn more.

Quality assurance

Acumentis operates a Risk Management Framework which aligns with the principles contained within AS/NZ ISO 31000 standard. This robust quality assurance and peer-review process helps maintain professional standards and ensures consistency and accuracy across the company. Our valuations undergo formal quality review by a senior valuer prior to release – giving you further reassurance about the integrity of reports across all sectors.


Our commitment to ongoing training and professional development of our team is one of the key reasons our team of property professionals are so highly regarded. We endeavour to always be at the forefront of property market insights and industry trends.

The investment in training also ensures our risk management strategies allow us to continually deliver the high-level and quality of service you expect from the Acumentis brand.

Information security

At Acumentis, information security is taken extremely seriously and ensures a vigorous approach to data protection. Information Security is one of the most significant ongoing investments we make in the company and our clients’ business. It is why we were the first organisation in our industry to hold the International Information Security Standard ISO 27001 certification.

All systems have been developed in line with the Australian Signals Directorate’s “Essential 8” security strategies and its Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). The systems have also been endorsed by our government department clients.

Our systems

The IT systems and database at Acumentis are market-leading and designed to ISO 27001 Standard. All offices operate on a single purpose-built valuation management platform – Acumentis Accuity. It is easy to use, robust and secure. The technology allows our national team to work together in real-time for more efficient delivery of reports.

The database is used to store Sales Evidence and contains millions of records. All newly inspected sales information is recorded and stored in our database to give our valuers immediate access to the most up-to-date sales information. It is another reason you can rely on the integrity of our reports.


Acumentis is an active member and contributor within industry associations. Our staff hold representative positions in most associations, including: