Acumentis has long-established relationships with local, state, territory, and Commonwealth government agencies, serving their needs in property markets across regional and metropolitan areas across Australia.

Our expertise encompasses all real property asset classes, plant, and equipment.

You can expect

  • Strategic property and portfolio advice
  • Post-service support
  • Quality assurance policies and compliance procedures to keep all services free from conflict of interest and ensure all data remains confidential
    Access to the most up-to-date industry data and analysis

All our valuation services are backed by a specialist and experienced management team led by National Government Director, George Boulougouris. He ensures the team delivers industry-leading service while tailoring deliverables to each client’s specific needs.

Government property services include

Rating and taxing valuations

The Rating and Taxing Division supplies services for government departments in accordance with the relevant state based Legislation and procedures manual, providing:

  • Independent consultancy
  • Recommendations for landowners looking to review valuation-based statutory assessments, often used to levy Council Rates and Land Rates
  • Examination of market conditions and statutory land values
  • Strategies for maximising returns of a property


Compulsory acquisition and resumption valuations

This specialist team has extensive experience in providing services to government bodies and dispossessed owners of property being acquired under federal, state, or local jurisdiction. Services include:

  • Valuation for a compulsory or partial acquisition
  • Representation for dispossessed clients and developers
  • Assessment for compensation for dispossessed clients

Financial reporting asset and portfolio valuations

The Acumentis team can provide financial reporting valuation services to both the private and public sectors. Reporting requirements are overseen by the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB), in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs). All our valuation services meet the requirements of the Accounting Standards (AAS27) for portfolio assets held in ownership in the public sector. 
You can also get advice from our experts on cost-effective terms towards annual re-valuation requirements for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) in accordance with legislative framework.

Strata and community scheme entitlement valuations

Acumentis provides services towards general strata and community scheme valuations, and all insurance valuations for Strata Schemes are provided under relevant legislation. Services include:

  • Alteration in existing unit entitlements
  • Representation in tribunals for car parking, air space, easements, exclusive use rights, and licensed areas